Endorphin Warrior’s mission is to “Inspire you…and create empowering products to help you train harder and live stronger.” Creative Evolution was an integral part of the branding and promotion for this vibrant new company. Our work included:

1. Creation of a logo and corporate ID materials inspired by early artwork depicting runners inscribed on ancient Greek urns. The result is this contemporary interpretation.

2. The cornerstone of Endorphin Warrior, to use empowering words to motive the athlete, were designed into every product.

3. We developed and programmed a dynamic, responsive website that heavily featured Endorphin Warrior’s inspiring messaging.

4. The brand message was continued via online promotions included banner ads, Facebook ads, and this Pinterest contest.

5. Endorphin Warrior has begun branching out beyond direct sales to offering a specific line of products for retailers. We designed this countertop Point-of-Sale display to help promote the brand while operating with a minimal footprint.