1. Feline Silvervine: Feline Silvervine is a cat stimulant containing Silver Vine, a non-toxic plant which has been found to have a euphoric response in cats (similar to, but proven more effective than catnip). Our cat caricature reflects the love a cat feels for this product.

2. Mozaik: Logo for company specializing in turn-key packaging solutions, displays, promotional materials, printing, fulfillment, logistics and distribution. The ring of rainbow-colored packages is representative of their full-spectrum of services.

3. Insignia: The Insignia Bathroom Collection is RSI Home Products’ semi-custom brand of luxury bathroom cabinets. The rich colors reflect the luxury category while the hand-lettered “Insignia” represents its custom features.

4. The New House: RSI’s innovative home building concept based around a plan to revitalize neighborhoods with new, affordable infill homes utilizing superior building methods. This simplified graphic represents an aerial view of a neighborhood. The gray boxes represent older homes while the orange box represents “The New House.” Just as the orange box stands out and brings life to an otherwise monotone grouping, The New House invigorates a neighborhood and raises its value.

5. Visual Speed: Visual Speed is a company which trains athletes using Nike’s SPARQ Sensory Training program and sports vision training assessments. The repetitive “V”, slanted lettering, and gradated colors all contribute to the feeling of motion, which is the basis of the training.