Citizen Systems America is a manufacturer of point-of-sale, mobile, and barcode label printers as well as printer mechanisms that are used in a variety of devices from ATM machines to gas pumps. We were tasked with developing the marketing elements to help them promote their products, including:

1. Aggressive advertising to promote the unique features and benefits of the printers.

2. Redesigned collateral with a more contemporary feel that maintained consistency with the adverting, but also created a family feel for the various printer products.

3. A direct mail and customer loyalty program that could be quickly customized for Citizen’s channel partners.

4. E-blast campaign elements to maintain top-of-mind awareness for Citizen products and ongoing promotional campaigns.

5. The creation and development of Citizen “Tech Briefs” that featured Citizen printers in harsh and challenging environments and showcased the unique features of the printers.

6. Cost-effective tradeshow elements that could be quickly swapped-out or used in combination for the various industry events Citizen attended.